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As a licensed Radio Amateur (G8PUO) for over 35 years, the practical experience in Radio Frequency (RF transmitters, receivers and aerials), Electronics (analogue, digital and logic), and Software (PIC Micro's and Computers), has proved invaluable in everyday solutions and support over the years.

Starting with a humble Crystal Set in the early 70s, moving on to a WW2 Wireless '19' Set and Aircraft BC348 to name just a couple, then later a range of PYE radiotelephones (such as Ranger, Cambridge, Vanguard, Westminster and Europa), through to many home brew 'birds-nests' including Top Band, 2 Metre and 70cm transmitters, receivers, transceivers, convertors, repeaters and talk-through's. Licenced late 70's the rest is pure history and forged my career!

For this reason, although I did not realise at the time, I believe that Amateur Radio, in its many guises, provided me the solid grounding back in the 70's which help shape by lifelong personal and professional interests. Although over the recent years, more bias is on software, database and network based communications, however my roots continues to be an important element of my working portfolio.

As a practical hands-on person, with array of both professional and life-long personal involvements within the Radio Communications (RF), and Electronics industry, together within business Information Technology industry covering various aspects of hardware, software and database development, this has provided me with a range of practical skills, knowledge and motivation.

The culmination of this broad range of experience channels through in my work within the high tech electronics industry and allows my involvement in leading technologies and innovation.

Dave Williams, G8PUO

Sussex Electronics and Radio Fair - SERF - Eastbourne Rally

Sussex Electronics Radio Fair

Sat 25th Mar, 2017
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(c) Dave Williams G8PUO
(c) Dave Williams G8PUO
(c) Dave Williams G8PUO
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